Tesoro Cortes

March 17, 2009 by admin 

Tesoro Cortes
The Tesoro Cortes is a metal detector that has all of the high-end features customers want with the famous Tesoro ease of use. The Cortes has a control box that is striking. The 2×16 character LCD display stands out and is an eye-catcher. The display will tell you when to lift the coil to get a more accurate reading. The batteries are under the arm bracket, which allowed the box to be larger for better viewing and access.

All of these new features are complimented by Tesoro’s easy to use controls. No touch pads or scroll through menus. Set the detector how you like it by adjusting the knobs on the front of the machine. The Cortes features an On/Off Sensitivity knob, a Discriminate Level knob, a Manual Ground Balance knob and a Mode Switch with All Metal as well as Discriminate and Sum mode settings. The Cortes also has a handy light switch to control the LCD backlight with high, low, and off positions.

The Tesoro Cores is lightweight, weighing in at less then 3 pounds so all day use is possible with this detector.

The Tesoro Cortes is impressive. It can accurately pinpoint underground targets that lie deep in the ground, and can filter away any junk targets so you are no wasting precious time getting poor readings.

The Tesoro Cortes will give you the exact depth your target is at and the screen ID gives you plenty of info before you dig. The Tesoro Cortes ID’s in both modes so your treasure hunting is sure to pay off with this unit. It is light and well balanced so can swing it all day.

The Cortes can be mastered quickly by the beginner and will surely impress a veteran detector user. The unit is rugged, tough and built to last. So head out to the countryside, the park or the beach and don’t forget to take along the Tesoro Cortes.